Rocking white after Labor Day

I will be completely honest with you all, I had to ask a few opinions on what the scoop was on wearing white this time of year! Why? I am so damn clumsy that I usually wouldn’t touch anything white with a ten foot pole haha! But after many telling me to go for it and forget the arbitrary ‘rule’ and after seeing a few trend alerts on white booties, I happened to find the perfect pair with a blazer to match. This was my sign that I had to wear it!

I paired this look with the casual v-neck tee and a pair of slouchy distressed denim from H&M to keep it more of a casual look one afternoon in New York City, because this look is completely NYC and New York Fashion Week appropriate!

P.S. There is a funny story about this half smiling awkward hand photo! While trying to get photos of this look there were high school kids just a few feet away pretending to pose and model to try and get me to laugh, which of course they succeeded at because I cannot help but laugh at everything!

I spy a vintage bag..

I also added my ‘new’ vintage Gucci bag from the 80s that I treated myself to from Style Encore in North Hills for my birthday, it was the perfect accessory, don’t you think?! Stay tuned, because I will be on the hunt for some more vintage finds like this!

Since wearing this outfit during New York Fashion Week, I have come to the conclusion that I am all about adding white into my looks. Now I may be adding a tide to go stick into all of my bags for my clumsy moments, but as of now it is Tiffany approved haha!

What are your thoughts on white after Labor Day? Let me know! xoxo