College can be a little crazy..

But I always try to make sure I have the essentials in my bag. I remember when I first started college I would jam all of my books and necessities into a tote to keep that ‘fashionable’ look and then I finally said SCREW THIS because it felt like the weight of the world was on my one poor shoulder haha! So now I guess you can say I am a true college student with my backpack, but for anyone plagued by the dreaded backpack I have some amazing news. Beside-U sent me one of their backpacks for this semester and it is the best quality and VERY stylish.

Pictured is the Beside-U Gosford leather trimmed backpack with a few neat features worth mentioning! The Gosford backpack is water repellent, has an RFID guarded zip pocket(long story short some identity thieves use a radio-frequency identification signals to steal your personal info), a customized whistle key chain(fingers crossed this doesn’t need to be used, but just in case!), and lastly Beside-U donates a bag to a Dress for Success boutique with every purchase!

So now that we have that out of the way, what is in my bag?

  • My Macbook Pro, which is a no brainer!
  • I always like to keep a book and/or magazine in my bag just in case I have downtime & don’t feel like working on homework haha (currently reading You are a Badass and loving it so far!)
  • Hand sanitizer and deodorant are a must, because let’s be honest college campuses are full of germs.. & if you are like me and have to run across campus after spending an endless amount of time looking for a parking spot the deodorant is a great thing to keep in your bag!
  • Burt’s Bees chapstick and any of my favorite lip glosses/lip stains! I keep the chapstick for obvious reasons, but the lip glosses/stains I keep just in case I have a presentation or have to go somewhere a little more professional after classes.
  • Sunglasses… of course! I usually keep a pair of my cheap sunnies in my bag in case they break, these are one of my favorites from Forever 21.
  • Last, but not least! My planner, because I need to keep my life in order somehow haha!

After writing this I realized I should probably start ordering my books and going out to get the essential supplies, required books, pens, notebooks etc. Cheers to procrastination & Hope everyone has a great semester!

What is one thing you NEED in your bag?!

*Sponsored by Beside-U, all opinions are my own xo*


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