I’ve only touched the surface on how much music has an impact on me, my mood, outlook, etc…

So this sparked my idea to write a post on what I’m currently listening to. I could give you a list a mile long of songs that got me through some hard times or songs that pick me up off the floor, quite literally when I’m having a bad day. I am that person that has to have music playing constantly. I have music playing right now as I write this, when I get in the car(I truly HATE talking in the car because this is my time to zone out and listen to music), when I’m in the shower… the list goes on haha!

Now to put a twist on this post I asked Alex to do the same for a different perspective!

We share a lot of common ground when it comes to music, BUT a lot of the stuff he listens to now I would have listened to when I was a teenager. Now I tend to keep my music choices a lot more upbeat/something I can sing along and dance to. I’ve listened to polar opposite genres in different stages of my life so you will find just about every genre that comes to mind in my music library, so here is what I have been listening to this month.

Top five songs I’ve been listening to:

The Middle – Zedd, Maren Morris, Grey


This is a song that sounds all happy and upbeat, but the lyrics have bit more to them, which is what draws me to it. I always like finding the story in songs no matter how mainstream/popular they are. Plus I’ve been basically screaming these lyrics in the car on my bad days recently haha. Now I should say this is one of those songs I will most likely play too much that I can’t stand to hear it in a few months!

Glorious – Macklemore Ft. Skylar Grey


Again with the mainstream music I KNOW… but with opening up about my life and my story lately this song has been close to my heart. Seriously, listen to this song, sing the chorus, and think about a hard time in your life and where you are now. Brought me to tears the first time I sang the chorus and really took in the lyrics. (Notice a trend? I really love looking at the lyrics..)

Don’t Be So Hard (Punk Goes Acoustic Vol. 2) – The Audition


It actually breaks my heart a little when I remember that this band isn’t together anymore, I have been listening to their music for about 10 years now and would have to say they are my all time favorites and the only band I would want playing at my future wedding, next to Cartel. This song comes on my Pandora often and is one that makes me drum to the beat on my steering wheel haha. I love when an acoustic cover is executed just as good as the original!

Hold My Hand – Jess Glynne


When I choose to play the music on my phone and give Pandora a rest this song always comes on and puts me in the best mood, I have been listening to Jess Glynne for a few years now and love her music. Theres something so upbeat about her music along with her voice. My other favorite is probably Bad Blood because of how fun the song is and also pretty empowering, seriously give it a listen if you like this song.

She Loves Control – Camila Cabello


Again can you see a pattern with my upbeat choices? haha… This song as much as I hate to say it, it reminds me of my study abroad trip to the Dominican Republic. When we were at the clubs they surprisingly enough played a lot of American music with this type of beat and we also took a few dance classes where we learned moves that would match this song perfectly. I’m starting to get to the point where I can look at the good moments of that trip and smile, which is what draws me to this music.

Some other songs that have been on my recently played that are too good not to mention:

Breaking Ground – State Champs (Alex introduced me to this band that I’ve grown to love)

Dirty Laundry – blackbear 

If I Fail – Cartel

Alex’s songs he has been listening to:

Drift – Erra


“This album and this song in particular make me introspective, it brings up very specific memories of mine and genuinely puts me into a better state of mind. It forces me to take an honest look at myself and my life in general. Just a killer album from beginning to end.” Alex and I actually just saw Erra at Stage AE a few weeks ago!

Eastern Locust – He Is Legend


My good friend Mark introduced me to this band when we were in high school, I think I was 15 at the time, we played in a metal band with our good friend sage. Some of my fondest memories include Mark and this time of my life. He Is Legend has put out nothing but good music since then and this song is my favorite off of their new album. Their style is heavy and groovy, it hits just right” Another song that I do really love jamming to when Alex puts it on!

Remain Indoors – Periphery


“One of my closest friends Chuck got me into Periphery. It takes me back to 3 or so years ago, Chuck and I were lifting a lot, he had a bit influence on my personal philosophy of lifting. We’d go in there 2 or 3 days a week and only do squats, bench, and dead. This song off their most recent album has been on a lot for me. It takes me back to that time of my life where fitness and personal health became a part of my life.” (So far he has picked songs that I love! haha)

Life For A Life – Kublai Khan


“My good friend BJ got me into this band. These dudes are so damn goovy! It was one of the first shows Tiffany and I saw together actually. Her, BJ, and I saw them at the Altar Bar in Pittsburgh, which is now closed. It may have been our last show we saw there, it was my favorite venue in Pittsburgh. The show was amazing, Kublai Khan, Counterparts, Fit For An Autopsy, and Acacia Strain headlined. During Acacia Strain’s set 8 people were dragged out of the pit and one damn near knocked us over haha. It was a goof memory with babe.” 100% agree with Alex on this, I loved the vibe coming from Kublai Khan and their lead singer.

Lonely One – Cartel


“I didn’t get into Cartel until I was 24 or so. I just found them looking around for new tunes on the internet, I couldn’t believe I didn’t listen to them when they were still a band. I was always listening to metal and didn’t venture into pop punk and softer stuff until my early 20’s. This is mine and babes band right here, when I took her out I had it in mind already thinking, ‘I’m going to jam Cartel it’s such a chick band she’s going to dig it there’s no way she won’t, I’ll get bonus points for showing her a sweet band’ haha I seriously think like that, it’s so weird. Anyway, it turned out they’re one of her favorite bands since her high school days. Cute AF” *insert an eye roll from Tiffany here* HAHA, but it is true we turn on Cartel 99% of the time in the car.

Alex sent me seven songs instead of five haha, SO here are the other two that he has been listening to lately:

Antman – The Red Chord

Lovesick Blues – Hank Williams

This has been a LONG post, I know!

But let me know what you think! I feel finding new music and hearing a little bit of why someone loves the songs they’re listening to right now makes the songs more meaningful/may urge others to listen/see what they think! I plan to do this every month if I get a good response, it is a different piece of my life aside from fashion, plus Alex loved working on this with me haha! As you can see he got more into it than I did!


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