Gingham has stolen my heart..

Honestly if you asked me what my favorite print/pattern was to mix into my wardrobe I would say houndstooth, however that is HARD to find! I’m hoping that changes with the menswear/more professional look trending lately since you see it mostly in work wear. So what is right up there with houndstooth? Gingham! As I have said before black is my go to color, but gingham gives me the chance to make my look a little more fun and not so dark and dreary haha!

I found both of the gingham pieces I styled at H&M for extremely low prices, like under $10 dollars low. Because let’s face it with a print that could be seen as a fashion faux pas in a second you do not want to be paying a ton! Honestly, I have been getting most of my ‘trendy’ pieces on clearance at H&M recently so I am not breaking the bank and if I only wear it a few times before it goes out of style I did not go broke doing so.

Enjoy some gingham dressed up & down!

It may be hard to see, but there is the cutest little ruffle detail on the shoulders of this top and THAT is what sold me. You will see after my next outfit that ruffles catch my eye, in that sense I feel like a little kid haha. They add something fun to an outfit without having to over do it with jewelry or crazy colors. Can making a subtle statement be my personal style, is that a thing? If not it is now!

Now onto that dressed up look…

The lighting in this photo makes me look so tan, don’t let it fool you! I am ghostly pale and all the other photos prove it haha!

When I found this ruffle skirt for $7 dollars I had that feeling of finding a 50 dollar bill on the ground or that feeling you get when you’re about to eat pizza right out of the oven. Seriously, that is what a good sale can do to me haha! I am definitely trying to be more selective and watch my budget lately, so when I see a sale like this it means that I can maybe add a few more trendy pieces than I had anticipated.

Do you have any favorite gingham pieces? Comment & let me know!


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