You are having a date night and don’t know what to wear..

That is usually the case for me, because Alex and I rarely make set plans when having date days/nights. We tend to just drive into the city and whatever looks like fun or a great spot to eat we go to. So that leaves the question of what can I wear that is versatile enough for (just about..) anything?

My answer: a corset dress!

I have always had a HUGE fascination with corsets and the styles that arise from them. The senior art students created a fashion show every year at my high school and during my senior year I painted and sewed on hundreds of buttons by hand so that the corset I was wearing would be lined top to bottom. I still have that corset and pull it out time to time to reminisce.

With that said.. the corset trend has been on my radar

I have not splurged on the many items I have seen and wanted just because you never know how long it will stick around, but I did purchase this ASOS dress and LOVE it! This is the perfect dress when you want to make a statement and maybe turn some heads, but want to feel casual at the same time. There is not a ton that goes into this look which is my favorite during the summer. Just throw on the dress, some cute accessories and you are out the door!!

I am not a busty girl at all and sometimes my figure gets lost in dresses, so the added bonus of a corset dress is that it shows off your figure without having to put on a body con dress! *cringes a little* I am human and I have my days of a love hate relationship with my body, so wearing something that is skin tight and shows EVERY single detail of my body is not something I immediately gravitate towards.

I am linking tons on corset styles below all under $100! May have gone a little overboard haha.. enjoy!!

12 Replies to “The Ultimate Date Night Dress

  1. I haven’t quite decided if I can pull off this look yet or not, but I love how you made this look so unique to you! 🙌🏼

  2. I love the trend! I’ve never tried anything on so it scares me! Especially because I am busty and I don’t have a flat tummy 😅

  3. omg this dress is STUNNING! I absolutely love it. You are so right, this is THE date night dress for summer. It looks absolutely amazing on you… & now I need to buy it too 😉 thanks for sharing!! I sure hope the corset trend is here to stay because I adore it. x Shannon ||

  4. I’ve never seen a dress like this before, but now I’m obsessed!
    xo, Syd

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