Why are we celebrating you ask?

Because it is my one year blog anniversary!

I know, one year already! Crazy isn’t it?! I am so excited to hit this milestone and celebrate the fact that it is only up from here. So now it is time to reflect on my first year! I will be addressing the ups and down, the goals I have for myself, and also answer some questions from all of you(or at least those that asked them haha)!

The ups and the downs…

Let’s be honest, if anything has its ups and downs IT IS BLOGGING. I look at it a lot like I did my art pieces in high school and college. It’s my own creation and sometimes I get in my own head, or I need a self care day away from my phone or computer. So please if you see my blog and social media regularly, I hope the one thing you take away from this is that it is NOT all rainbows and butterflies. Yes, there are some exciting things that come with blogging and social media, but always remember that there is work behind it all.

When sharing more about the way I grew up and deeper stories of my life I touched on the fact that I do not get jealous very easily or compare myself to others. We all have our bad days with those kinds of feelings, but I live my life knowing that everyone has their own story and sometimes we have not read the whole book to sit and judge or compare! That has honestly helped me SO MUCH when it comes to blogging! The phrase and mindset of ‘community over competition’ is something I count as a major up side!

So what was the major downside?

Well, to put it simply I found something I was passionate about! Why is that a downside you ask? Because when I started this I was enrolled in college and I could feel myself pulling more of that time over to the blog and social media. Full year later while on a leave of absence it was the best downside and rock bottom I could have ever experienced, but I had my fair share of inner battles before I let myself admit that I needed to step back and pursue these passions before going back in August of this year.

Time to talk goals…

My first and most important goal for this year is to reach more people! I am not writing all of these posts for myself, I want my posts to be authentic, something you can learn from, or on topics that resonate with you personally! I’ve always had this feeling or longing to make a difference and help others, but I stepped back from the idea of me becoming a therapist and helping people in that realm and would like to make a space for advice and helpful life topics so I can still fulfill my dreams. With that said, if theres any topics you would like me to start out with please let me know!

FASHION WEEK! That is right everyone, I am making my way back to New York Fashion Week next month!! I am so excited and plan to definitely write more about it this time! I don’t want to talk to much about this for the fact that it will be taking over the blog next month haha.

Keeping the creativity going! Ever since I had my photoshoot in NYC I have been determined to spice up my content and get more creative than your average outfit pic, because let’s be honest there are millions of those! I want to bring you all content and photos that catch your attention and make you want to know more, find out my outfit details/what the story is behind the photo, etc!

As of now those are my main goals for the year, I don’t want to over think my second year to the point that I don’t enjoy it!

Now time to talk Q&A…

I have not done a Q&A in some time, but a few of you asked me some very good questions that I wanted to answer in this post!

This is a good one and! Q: ‘Are you happy with how much you’ve achieved? Do you think you could have done anything better in your first year?’ A: I am extremely happy with what I have achieved, referencing back to my reflections post, I have gown a lot since starting this blog. I have grown a voice that I didn’t realize I had, and have gained confidence that I didn’t see possible! I could have done a lot of things better, BUT with that said I would not have done anything differently. We all have our own journeys and end goals in mind, I don’t think there is ever a specific way.

Q: ‘What is the biggest helper when growing a following?’ A: This is a tough one, I think social media is always a learning experience with all of the changes that go on. I think just building connections with others, (real) giveaways haha, and showing that you bring something to the large table of blogging! As for growing a following on your blog, I will admit I may not be the person to ask. I am guilty of paying too much attention to social media, because I can share my blog links through that and all is fine, right? Wrong! A social following is awesome, but focusing on an email list and loyal blog readers is a powerful thing.

Last one and actually the most asked question! Q: ‘What made you start blogging?’ A: I know I’ve talked about it before, and it actually is really funny. Two summers ago now I started an Instagram account for my boyfriends dog Darby, who I’m sure you have at one point in time seen a picture of! I quickly grew a loyal following of 3k on his account in just two or three months and in that time saw that this whole social media gig wasn’t just popular with the pups! I started seeing fashion bloggers on Instagram and their websites and immediately the wheels started turning!! I was a lover of the arts in high school and entered college as an art major, so I have been longing for a way to get back to my creative side and out of my rut. Fashion and lifestyle blogging was my answer and the perfect mix of my passions.

Now for a quick moment, I just want to take the time to say that you to everyone who is reading this. I appreciate each and every one of you, your support, comment, subscribes etc. mean the world to me!

Cheers to one year!

P.S. If you happen to be wondering why I decided to make my one year blog anniversary pictures in a red gown, that would be because one of my first posts on my social media accounts for my blog was a mirror picture in this dress that I love dearly. It is something of sentiment to me now and also shows how much I have grown since the days of posting mirror pics and photos that I took on my now ancient iPhone 6s!






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