Why am I saying subtle?

Because if you know me well enough you know I will not have lace, frills, or some statement jewelry on with these Christmas looks! That is just not my style, so this is for everyone that likes to keep it tamed down for the holidays. Don’t worry, there will be another post like this for those feeling a bit more edgy this year!

I always worry about what I am wearing for the holidays and then I realize that no one has time for that!!! We all have something going on that has our mind occupied during Christmas whether it’s cooking, parents coming to town, or just trying to get presents and have them wrapped haha!

This is why I partnered with thredUP for more holiday looks so you can find what you want second hand at a fraction of the price and use the rest for presents! …or something else for yourself, no shame here!

First up, the classic red dress!

I’m only going to give a little peak of this Zara dress since I may incorporate it into my edgy looks as well! What sold me on this dress was the shift loose fit, with the fun cape like sleeves!

Now my favorite, a tweed skirt!

I should start this by saying I am in love with the photos I am about to post from my trip to NYC last month so don’t mind me as I just fill this post with pictures haha!

I’ve got the hint of red and the button details to make this look a little more festive WITHOUT going overboard haha! This is my go to for a more relaxed holiday occasion especially since I have the most comfy fleece lined tights on!! This particular Zara skirt I found on thredUP for 10 dollars and it is in perfect condition! After seeing both the dress and skirt I’m sure you can tell I love myself some Zara pieces. We did lots of shopping/window shopping while in NYC this last time and I could have spent hours in Zara with all the fun new trends they had everywhere I turned.


If you have made it this far(I know I added LOTS of photos but I couldn’t help myself)first of all thank you, second of all use this link to create a thredUP account and get $10 to shop!! The holidays always give me a bit of anxiety when it comes to picking out outfits for each holiday party and then you have to add Christmas Eve and Christmas to that haha so I hope this will give you all some inspiration on what to wear or simplify your outfit process!


*This post contains affiliate links/sponsored by thredUP, all opinions are my own*

Photos taken by the wonderful Ricky Rodriguez in New York City