I have been dying to decorate my spare room..

Sadly with renting a home that is not always the easiest thing to do! If it were up to me I’d change the wall colors, hang stuff everywhere, etc! However one thing I knew I could do was place my new Recoveted fashion art prints for a little life in the room.

I had been trying to come up with some inspiration for what I wanted to do with the space and I figured blogging room/office was the perfect plan. Then came the decision of HOW I was going to decorate it. So I slowly started getting odds and ends, that somehow maybe work together.. fingers crossed on that one!! Then one day I stumbled upon Recoveted and FELL IN LOVE! I’ve always been one for fashion and more luxurious things even if I myself don’t own them, I love them! So when seeing these Chanel prints it clicked.

First I will start by saying how beautifully packaged these prints were everything was absolutely flawless!!(the lighting in my spare room not so much! Haha)

You can shop this print called Polka Dotted here!

I plan to get more fashion art prints to fill the space and then also get boxes from high end designers like Hermès, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel to store things in the most fashionable way possible while spicing up the space!(Yes people sell these boxes, I’ve found quite a few on Poshmark in great condition). Making a house you rent feel like home is not always the easiest task, but choosing to make my second room into a fashion themed space will make up for the place not being my own!

You can shop this print called The End here!

*These prints were gifted from Recoveted, but all opinions are my own*

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  1. This is a really cool way to personalize a home you’re renting!

    Also, I’m so shocked that people actually sell luxury boxes! Lol wow

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