Did you enter the New Year making resolutions or did you take time to reflect? Maybe both?

My challenge for you is to take the time to step aside from the resolutions and reflect. Look at the good, the bad, and where you are right now in this moment. If you felt that 2017 wasn’t a good year or that you didn’t accomplish as much as you wanted to, there is a high chance you may look at it differently after reviewing your year from start to finish.

I have taken the time to reflect A LOT the last few weeks, months really. I shared a deep part of my life with you all on social media and that has really made me look at my life a little differently the last few months. I also made the decision to take a step back from college until August, which has given me the time and head space to really grasp what 2017 has given me.

A little side bar reflection to say how thankful I am for all of the wonderful creatives that I have met in 2017! This photo was taken by Erin at our December Pittsburgh Blogger Babe meet up! See her work here…

My biggest reflections from 2017:

I am going to talk about some of the biggest things I have reflected on from 2017, and why I feel it has helped me be more happy compared to coming up with resolutions for the New Year and focusing on things I have not yet accomplished. Now before I start talking about the things on my mind while reflecting, I want to say that January is my blog anniversary. That is right, one year of blogging! So with that said, I will be doing a whole post about blogging, the ups and down, etc. So this post is more dedicated to my life in general.

I talked about my past and dove deeper into my life…

Let me tell you, this one is the biggest reflection of all from 2017! Since speaking up about my past and some things about me that I don’t spill to everyone, I have learned more about those around me. I have gained more support than I would have ever imagined and best of all I SPOKE UP! This doesn’t mean my life is going to be a tell all, but you’d be surprised what burden it brings not speaking about things that have happened to you or sometimes not even acknowledging them yourself.

I did things that i never in a million years expected…

This could easily go straight to what I accomplished with the blog, but lets keep it to other things for the sake of my celebratory post haha! I made the decision to leave school in 2017. Not forever, not even for a whole year, but long enough that I could find my feet on the ground again. School was giving me this feeling of my head being stuck in a fog that I couldn’t get away from and that I was never doing a damn thing right. Do I want to run the opposite direction when I hear the word college, yes! Am I going to let it stop me from getting a degree and finishing what I started? NO! In the last few months after stepping away from school I’ve made strides when it comes to making goals for myself and simply making moves. I went into starting my blog by talking about being a boss babe or girl boss and these last few months made me smile and think ‘Tiffany you really are becoming what you’ve been talking about!’. It is a wonderful realization, but remember if you are in ‘the fog’ or feeling lost it takes time.

I Gained confidence I have never seen in myself…

It does not matter how many times someone tells you how great your hair looks, how thin you are, or how pretty a picture is it will not make you feel whole. With that said my confidence has always been lacking and in 2017 I was forced to take a real look at myself. I got to see all the bloopers, but I also got to see how much I grew over time in my photos and in person when talking to strangers, because trying to build a brand and a business is LOTS of networking and a lot of explaining what you are trying to do. I could feel myself gaining a better sense of self and feeling much more on top of the world in situations that would have sent me running for the hills in prior years.

In all honesty, 2017 is going to be a hard year to beat, but I plan to make it happen!

Cheers to the New Year! XOXO

6 Replies to “Resolutions Vs. Reflection

  1. Just found you in a twitter thread and i appreciate how real and candid this post is! I can already tell I love your content. Looking forward to more posts from you!

  2. I rarely make resolutions but always take time to reflect on the year. 2017 had me out of my comfort zone for sure. Iā€™m hoping for less change in 2018 except for buying our new house of course.

    1. Congratulations on buying a new house! So exciting! 2017 was definitely a step out of my comfort zone as well, hope you are having a great year so far!

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