Review: Rent The Runway Unlimited

Let me introduce you to Rent The Runway…

My love for Rent The Runway started back in 2012 when I wanted to wear a designer dress to prom. At the time I obviously did not have the budget for it and found RTR. However, every time I logged into my account adding items to my bag to rent for 4 or 8 days, I never followed through.

Finally this past month I had the chance to have a free month of RTR Unlimited for a campaign. Scrolling through pages of designer finds that I could wear for an entire month had me in what felt like wardrobe heaven.

Now before I get ahead of myself let me answer a few questions you may have at this point!

What is Rent The Runway?

Rent The Runway is a clothing rental service where you can rent pieces at a fraction of their retail. Most items being designer pieces ranging around 300 to 800 dollars! This makes the monthly membership or one time rental price worth it.

What are the rental options?

You can rent something for 4 or 8 days OR there are subscriptions services where you are charged each month. RTR Unlimited is the service I tried, which allows 4 items in your possession at a time!

How much does RTR Unlimited cost?

Rent The Runway Unlimited is $159 a month with access to an entire designer closet! You can have 4 items out at one time and keep them as long as you have the membership. Or you can swap them out for new items after sending them back. You can send back one item at a time or all four, your call!

Let’s take a look at what I rented!

  • AMUR Plaid Laurel Blazer – Retail $498
  • Derek Lam 10 Crosby Multi Turtleneck Sweater – Retail $395
  • Derek Lam 10 Crosby Grey Plaid Long Coat – Retail $795
  • See by Close Green Olga Backpack – Retail $425

Now time for my complete unfiltered review…

I absolutely loved the service and all of the pieces I could choose from, but there are some drawbacks in my mind. While I love the sustainability of the service and the idea of not cluttering your own closet, it worries me walking around in clothes that aren’t truly my own. I have expensive taste, I won’t lie, so when I picked these items knowing that if anything happened to them I would have to pay for them scared the crap out of me haha! Whether that be someone stealing them, or me being clumsy you just never know what can happen. I didn’t wear them as much as I would have liked to(hoping next time I will get over that)So my advice would be to start with lower ticket items at first and READ ALL OF THE FINE PRINT ON THEIR POLICIES.

While I have some concerns and things that make me cautious, I do plan to keep my RTR Unlimited membership. Besides my overthinking of the items, they all came in great condition and shipping back the items was a seamless process. I currently put my membership on pause with no charge(you can cancel with no charge as well)which is a huge plus. I plan to reactivate it in the Spring when I am in need of some new clothes. If you have any more questions about the service feel free to ask, and if you try the membership or one time rentals let me know your thoughts! …or what you rented!!

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