Most of us have looked at pictures or in the mirror and thought ‘wow I really need to whiten my teeth’..

I have been one of those people! Even in high school I used to look at all of the generic/Colgate brand teeth whitening kits thinking that would solve all of my problems. That is NOT the answer people! Those treatments will ruin your teeth and become a constant waste of money. So as an every day coffee drinker and a lets be honest every week wine drinker, I partnered with Smile Brilliant to show you the results of their at home whitening kit! This is a whitening kit that is recommended by dentists, yet it is less than half the price of actually getting it done at your dentist. I don’t know about you, but I HATE the dentist’s office and LOVE saving money so this is a win, win haha!

I loved this Smile Brilliant whitening kit so much, that I am doing a giveaway at the end of this post! *cough cough* That means keep reading haha!

The very first thing you do when getting this whitening kit is to choose whether you need the sensitive or non-sensitive system. After that your whole package gets shipped to you with the following:

Catalyst/Base paste for your molds (Yes you get your very own custom molded teeth whitening trays!!)

Impressions trays for your molds

Prepaid postage to send back your molded impressions to the dental lab

Syringes of whitening gel & desensitizing gel (since I went with the sensitive whitening system)

So what is next?..

The impressions! I have to admit I was TERRIFIED when I had to make my own impressions. All I could think about was the dreaded trips to the orthodontist back in high school where I was poked and prodded. I remember vividly the day I had to get my impressions for my retainers and could not get that out of my head!! Which is probably why I messed up my first mold horribly.. Shout out to Smile Brilliant for sending three sets of catalyst/base in their kits for this very reason!

Other than that this system is a cake walk! My custom fitted trays came back in no time and are such great quality. The whitening itself can last for 45 minutes to around 3 hours depending on what you have time for/what you can handle due to sensitivity! I personally have not done any sessions over an hour and a half, but this is coming from someone who can barely even handle ice in their drinks.. ugh!

You can see instant results with Smile Brilliant and I am so excited to see what even more whitening sessions do for my pearly whites!

Now on to the giveaway!


Once you get to the Breakfast at Tiffany Marie’s Smile Brilliant giveaway page, you will enter your name and email address, simple as that! This will enter you for a chance to win a $139 credit to get your very own teeth whitening kit like the one shown above! This giveaway is open to anyone in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia! Giveaway will last for 2 weeks, good luck!!!

Now if you are like me and just cannot wait when I find out about a product or see a good sale use the code breakfastattiffanymaries for 10% off!


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