What is the best part of summer? Lots of me time..

This is the one time of the year where somehow self care becomes more of a talked about subject than any other. Maybe it’s the fact that we are now rocking shorts and bathing suits (excuse me as I cringe a little! Haha) or the fact that sunshine and warmth just lifts everyone’s spirits! So how do I support summer self care?!
1. Lots of wine
2. Cuddles with the pups
3. EA Polish (specifically in Party Time and Investment because come on.. perfect summer colors)

Something about having a fresh manicure lifts my spirits and makes me want to continue the streak! I end up doing things like face masks before bed or soak in a bubble bath.. and well more wine! Haha

Every EA Polish bottle has encouraging messages on it, helping us root for ourselves while treating ourselves. Self care isn’t always talked about, but it’s something that we should think about more often. A girl boss can’t run around trying to reach her goals 24/7 without taking time to slow down and really work on themselves. I am starting summer strong with a Party Time manicure thanks to EA Polish and cannot wait to switch it up to Investment.

My bottles read ‘Chase your dreams with passion’ and ‘Self care is the best care’

So why EA Polish you ask?!
They are cruelty free, non toxic, and vegan nail polishes. The polish was easy to put on, which is saying a lot since I’m always messy when it comes to this and dries fast!! Now beyond all that they are inspiring, go to their page and the first thing you read is how their mission is to inspire and bring up the topic of inner beauty! Let’s be honest here, self care fuels inner beauty a little more than outer if you ask me due to reflection, relaxation, goal making, pampering, etc. So get out there and treat yourself!

What are your favorite summer self care practices & will it involve a colorful EA Polish Mani?


This post was sponsored by EA Polish, all opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. I have been transitioning all my makeup to cruelty free vegan so I am so happy I came across this! Saving this for when I update my polishes for sure!


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