If there is one thing that will stay with me forever from my first New York Fashion Week, it is the Saks Fifth Avenue Party..

Before leaving for NYFW I got an email inviting me to a party at Saks Fifth Avenue to celebrate their third floor remodel on September 8th (perfect belated birthday gift right?!).. I was shocked to the core, but not as shocked as I was when actually attending the event.

You entered the event by walking down a black carpet outside(thank you Saks for giving Alex and I our ‘celebrity’ moment haha with everyone trying to figure out who you were to be invited), while the windows of Saks Fifth Avenue were filled with mannequins in beautiful garments from Prada to Valentino with live models mixed in. It was such an elegant and subtle touch, I would have loved one of everything haha! Once getting inside you went straight to the elevators where all party guests were being taken up to the 3rd floor.

That is when the party really started..

I had made a trip to Saks earlier in the day to look around and get a sneak peak at the third floor, so walking out of the elevator to a completely transformed area for the party was breath taking and also made me wonder how many people it took to transform the space so quickly!! Everyone enjoyed endless champagne and hors d’oeuvres, the sounds of Goldfrapp, and a still modeling video experience that we got to email to ourselves while enjoying watching everyone else strike a pose and get creative!

I’m a little baffled myself to say it gets better

Alex and I exchanged looks and a few remarks of, “How are we here right now?” or “Is this real?” and to our luck it was. Here is where it starts turning into an ‘everything happens for a reason’ moment. I had been racking my brain on what to wear to the party before leaving, while driving to NYC, all the way up until we got there. Then as we walked past H&M I noticed this gorgeous green dress that looked flawless on the mannequin. Knowing I already had a dress I could wear I decided not to go in and look at it, but that afternoon before the party I decided it could be a birthday present to myself, I was going to a once in a lifetime party, and I wanted to make sure I was dressed to feel confident!

So as Alex and I are enjoying the party, I get pulled aside by Chanel Boutique Personal Stylists from Saks!! They explained that they loved my dress and asked if they could get a photo with me. I was then also thanking my lucky stars that I had been smart enough to shove my DSLR camera into my bag, making a little photo shoot possible! We exchanged business cards, but Sharona was sweet enough to put her info into my phone so we could exchange photos, since then we have stayed in touch and are planning to collaborate when I am in NYC again. So stay tuned and if you are in the market for some personal styling and some Chanel in your life go see Sharona or contact her at sharonaschreiber.com !

It has been decided..

I used to think that red was my power color, now I am starting to think that green may be taking that title!


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