Yes, I said it! You need more boots in your life!

I get that everyone isn’t on board with the over the knee boot trend or maybe you aren’t a fan of a chunky heeled ankle boot? Either way there is a boot out there for you I promise(most likely more than one…my closet proves that haha!)

What inspired me to write this is that I recently noticed all I wear are boots! I have just about any boot you could name, knee high, over the knee, ankle boot, mid calf…the list goes on! I feel much more confident and feel as though my outfit looks more put together when I am wearing a pair of boots. Does anyone else relate to this?

That means time to show you some of my favorite styles!

I am going to start off with over the knee boots, because those are my absolute favorite to show off my legs(also means less skin you are showing in the Winter!) Below I added photos from November’s PGH Blogger Babe meet up where Elise Michaux took some KILLER photos where I just so happen to be wearing my current favorites! Follow her on Instagram!

Over the knee!

Shop the exact boots I’m wearing here along with some other budget friendly options!

Now onto some knee high/riding boot options!

These used to be my go to for every day wear, however I wore mine so much that I finally had to throw them out haha! That being said, I may or may not be shopping a bit while finding budget friendly options for you all…

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ankle boots!

Ankle boots are the easiest to wear with any outfit, which is why they are overflowing in my closet haha! I recently treated myself to a pair of Rebecca Minkoff ankle booties so for this portion I will be showing some budget friendly and treat ya self options, because you deserve it!

Hope you aren’t sick of seeing boots yet!

As you know there are some trends that have been around for a few years and some that have just popped up recently in the lovely world of boots so below I am going to showcase my two guilty pleasures…

Sock boots… of course!

Last but not least! The UGG boot…

Okay, I will admit UGG’s are not the trendiest boot in the world, BUT they are so comfortable and they recently rolled out the waterproof versions of all of their classic boots so they are now even more acceptable for snowy or rainy days!


Hope you loved all of my suggestions & happy shopping! This type of post is a little out of my element lately, so let me know if you liked it and I will add some more into the mix of things!


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