Becoming One with the Art

Rewind back to when I started college..

I was majoring in art therapy, which at Seton Hill is basically like being an art major with a few psychology classes thrown in. I was scared as all hell, but my very first drawing professor was absolutely inspiring. I remember for one of my pieces I chose to draw/imitate street art and she had mentioned actually trying graffiti on our walls as my final. Sadly, I was young and scared so I never took her up on that offer, but part of me still wishes I would have.

Now back to the present..

I am no longer an art therapy major, but to this day I have a love for art, street art particularly. I have made it a point for Alex and I to find as much street art as possible in Pittsburgh and this past weekend we did just that! If you haven’t heard of Kelsey Montague or her #whatliftsyou movement go look it up! Chances are there is a piece in your city. I had seen people posting with her work on social media before and then in May I saw a post from her that she was in Pittsburgh. I immediately texted Alex explaining everything and telling him once the piece was done we NEEDED to go find it. Well, surprise we lost track of time and our plans and just now got around to finding it. I will admit the placement had me a little thrown off.. and a little mad since there were cones and a railing in front of it due to the club it is painted on, but my goodness is it captivating.

Going to the wings I had no intentions of being matchy matchy when getting my photos, but didn’t this Avadi Products maxi dress match perfectly?!

I was so happy that I was wearing this dress not only for the style and comfort, but that I also got to become one with this piece of art in my photos. So in light of this perfect moment I want to make a list of five things that lift me and I encourage you to think about this topic or scribble a list as well.

What lifts me?

1. My faith in the fact that things will get better! Once you hit bottom you can only go up.
2. My mom & Alex, they are the two people in my life that keep me grounded.
3. All of the positivity and empowerment that comes from the blogger community.
4. A good cup of coffee!
5. My blogging adventure, because if I didn’t love it I wouldn’t be doing it!!

What lifts you?




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    1. Isn’t it stunning?! I just tied up the one side when wearing it the other day and I fell in love with it even more! haha so many options with this dress

    1. Thank you so much!! Love looking for out of the box street art recently 🙂

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