The day that completely changed my life..

I partnered with Moonglow Jewelry to show off the personalized necklace I received. So what is Moonglow jewelry? They help you customize a piece of jewelry by picking a special date and figuring out what the phase of the moon was on that very day and voila that is on your necklace, bracelet, etc. I picked the Simplicity Choker Necklace from the Mini Moon Collection! I am in to very sentimental (and some may say corny) gestures, so I was ecstatic to work with Moonglow. In my book the little things to remember dates, moments, and memories are the very best.

So what date did I pick? And why is it significant?

I picked October 9th 2015, this day has a special place in my heart because this is the day that Alex and I went on our first date. So this sparked my idea to write all about this day and everything from our first date almost two years ago.

If you have been following me from the beginning..

Or snooped on some of my old posts you may already know this, BUT if not Alex and I met on Tinder. So it is only natural that we did not have a conventional first date! He picked me up from my apartment (this is where it gets good ladies!) He got out of his Jeep, knocked on my door instead of the typical phone call nowadays. Wait it gets better, he then opened the car door for me and waited there to close it once I was completely situated. Honestly before this day I didn’t think chivalry existed, but he definitely proved me wrong and still does to this day. We decided to go to a restaurant in Downtown Pittsburgh, which for a first date driving 40 minutes to dinner was a complete shot in the dark!

The restaurant we decided on is called Sienna Mercato (after accidentally going to Sienna on the Square, which we have gone back to for a few date nights haha) If you are in the Pittsburgh area and have not gone to either of those I HIGHLY suggest you do! Now back to the date, nothing outrageous happened during dinner we both talked and smiled a lot, I swear my cheeks hurt after. I loved my food, however I couldn’t eat it all and they hung the bag with my leftovers on my chair. Alex being a gentleman pushed my chair in for me as we were leaving and left the food there, because I forgot about it he had assumed that I actually did not enjoy my meal! (this was before he knew how much I love food haha!)

Now on to the good stuff/the funnier part of the date if you ask me. We went to get coffee after dinner and driving home decided that we wanted to go do something else. So another 40 minute drive back into Downtown Greensburg was ahead of us. Alex let me take over the music choices by going through his Spotify, where I ended up finding two of my favorite bands that I listened to on repeat through high school. Cartel and The Audition to this day still play constantly in the car when we go places and I joke that the reason he got a second date was all because I found those bands on his phone. We get back to Greensburg and decide to go get drinks, first bar we walk into one of my old managers stops us so confused because here she went to high school with Alex. Now this is where I lost my mind a little without showing it haha! We are sitting there talking and in walks half of Alex’s friends group. Yes, I had the ultimate test on our first date and met almost all of his friends. Next bar we go to for drinks I then meet one of his coworkers, it was a night that I could never forget because this stuff doesn’t happen normally right?!

I felt like I was in a romantic comedy!

Now almost two years later I could not imagine my life without Alex by my side. We do not have the conventional love story, but that is okay & why that day is so special to me.


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  1. Everyone’s love story is different, and that’s what makes it so special! Thanks for sharing yours! And I love that bracelet!

  2. Haha this is so great! I love stories like this because I think for me, the best things happen when you least expect it. I love that jewelry. So neat!

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