Oh New York Fashion Week..

I have never been so captivated with a trip, while also being so exhausted at the same time! I plan to do plenty of posts on New York Fashion Week, what I wore, the Saks party, etc. However first I wanted to start out my posts with some reflection. A little backwards I know, but it is something that has been on my mind.

As a fashion blogger it was a dream to be at NYFW, now here is where my views may not align with others(and that is ok!). I went to New York and only attended a handful of shows in 3 days time and honestly did not take a whole memory card worth of photos or have my phone out the entire time.

So why did I refrain from 24/7 social media coverage?

I would not have been able to attend if it wasn’t for every follower, everyone that supports my blog, and my amazing friends and family. But in my opinion, I felt I would be taking away from my first Fashion Week experience if I sat there the whole time with my phone or camera glued to my hand having to look back at everything I did in photos/videos and not having great memories of it.

Alex looked at me while in New York and asked “Where do you want to go with this?”

This is a question that has been on my mind the entire trip and ever since getting home. The funny thing is my answer to him was, ‘I don’t know!’ I only say this, because you never know what will happen. I never imagined I would have a platform for my own writing and expression, I never imagined I would be one year in with thousands of people that see my content, and I NEVER imagined I would be writing about my first trip to NYFW and already anxious to plan for the next one. So maybe I don’t know exactly what I want for Breakfast at Tiffany Marie’s, but I do know that I want to keep bringing helpful fashion forward content, I want to keep growing to reach a bigger audience, and I want to keep sharing bits of myself with you all, maybe one day telling you all more about my story before the blog!

The whole trip was very surreal for myself and Alex, we kept on looking at each other thinking how are we here right now? Alex also kept reminding me that we were there thanks to my hard work, which was a nice reminder since sometimes it is easy to think things just fell into place rather than thinking, ‘Hey! I worked my butt off for this!!’

Now with that all said I already have yearly goals set for myself, the blog, and next Fashion Week since I am hitting that year mark with the fashion and lifestyle blog! Basically the point of this post is to say that I have big plans, but for my first NYFW I wanted to ease into things and not overwhelm myself or Alex as he went along for the ride with me! Next year may be a whole different story haha!


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  1. I totally understand where you’re coming from. Finding that hard balance between work and reaping the rewards is something I think we all struggle with. I wish you all the best and congrats on your first NYFW

    1. Thank you so much! Work and reward balance is definitely a struggle, but it was so nice to let the whole experience sink in!

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