Ok, I will be honest..

Maxi dresses used to be my enemy. Why you ask? Because of my height sadly, I would try them on and they would be awkwardly hitting above my ankle and with the old no curve straight cotton maxi style that was NOT a good look one bit. So what changed?! Trends.. The whole boho style maxi is back in and that means a silhouette with more flow and body to it. I have been able to wear most maxi dresses lately that have more body to them without anyone even realizing it is a tad bit short on me! At least I hope not haha

Another secret for any other ladies that are on the taller side like myself..

Maxi Dress + Gladiator Sandals/Heels = Perfect Cover Up

The details on the sandals or heels will hide the fact that the dress is not floor length and also show off your cute shoes! 


I have worn this maxi dress from Old Navy for multiple occasions this summer. For example a casual dinner with simple sandals or with the heels pictured to a wedding. I have been told this blue is definitely my color which has helped me gravitate towards this dress lately, but the versatility of a maxi dress is what makes me look at them and go I need more maxi dresses!!!

Below I have linked the exact outfits for you all (except for my purse which was a Last Act find at Macy’s) and rounded up my favorite maxi’s under $100!

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