I’m talking style here, not prairie girl! haha

I know, Little House on the Prairie may be what comes to mind when you hear midi dresses and over the knee boots, but I hope to change your outlook on it by the end of this!

1. It is cold…so cover those legs up

2. If you forget to shave your legs no one will know!

Seriously if those two reasons don’t automatically win you over then I don’t know what will, or maybe you just don’t live somewhere like Western PA where this is something we worry about… But with that said this has actually been a style that I’ve seen a lot more of lately. I think it is a style that you can make your own because it can be easy to just get lost in the fabric or accessories at times. This is also a very modest style, while I love to show a little leg from time to time (in a tasteful way of course!) I definitely have taken a more modest route with my style and this is the perfect option for an event or occasion that you may not want to worry about the length of your dress or whether you should wear tights etc.



Above I have linked the exact dress that I am wearing, this one is a simple look that I have thrown a cute teddy bear coat over it and I am set for the winter wonderland that is going on outside haha! I have my INC International Concept over the knee boots that are my ABSOLUTE go to and I wear with just about every outfit and have linked to in just about every post lately… whoops! So I decided to link to some other fun OTK boots that are under $100.

How stunning is this Nanette Lepore dress?! I was able to get some amazing photos in this dress thanks to One Brilliant Boutique in Aspinwall, they got me outfit ready and made me feel like such a model for this past December’s PGH Blogger Babe content meet up! Which brings me to the photographer of each of these photos aka Philip follow him on Instagram here¬†or check out his website!

Now back to midi dresses and OTK boots…

I love the second outfit option because you can see more of my figure with the added belt and it gives me a chance to have a little more flare or spice to my life. If you follow me on social media or happen to be someone I text regularly you probably know that the salsa girl in the red dress is probably one of my most used emoji’s so of course I have to make the connection and say that I’m embodying my most used emoji haha! I can be really lame some times… please excuse me!

Below I am going to link to some cute midi dress options under $100 and I apologize for this being an extremely short post, in all honesty my brain is currently fried from New York Fashion Week planning along with making moves with Pittsburgh Blogger Babes! If you have any specific questions you’d like to see answered pertaining to NYFW leave them in the comments!!

Midi dresses under $100!