It has been a while hasn’t it?!

I do not know if you have caught on, but when life gets busy I try to take a step back from the blog. I want to only bring you all things I am passionate about and when I talk about these things I want it to be quality content, not something I just slapped together for the sake of posting!

So this brings me to the holidays!

The holidays are a great time of year BUT a very busy and expensive time of year as well. This always without a doubt stresses me out, why you ask? Because I like to have the best and most thoughtful gifts for people, but I also like to make sure I have the best outfits as well. Spoken like a true fashionista, am I right? Haha! This brings me back to my headline and what this post will be ALL ABOUT! How to look a million dollars walking into the holiday parties WITHOUT breaking the bank..(yes you read that right!)

thredUP is my answer and while I had the original idea to make a holiday look book my plans were derailed in the best way possible… thredUP gets me every single time! I am that person that types in the designer names right away to see the second hand selection or just goes to the designer new arrivals to see what I can find. It can be a process as I’ve previously written about, but just wait till you see the outfit.

What was my big find..

A Giorgio Armani blazer for 90 dollars! 

Normally retailing for almost one thousand dollars and here I was adding it to my cart and then having another 15% off thanks to thredUP always having the best discount codes! At the end of my transaction I was the owner of an Armani blazer for cheaper than the coveted Zara blazer everyone has been raving over and I was ECSTATIC! When it comes to certain trends I’d much rather spend my money on something designer that is second hand and not seen very often compared to something that is from a fast fashion company that you see everyone buying!

This is the perfect look for Thanksgiving(some last minute inspiration), Christmas Eve or even Christmas if you add a little jewelry. I’m more of a dainty or no jewelry kind of girl which is why you rarely see me with any statement pieces! Chances are I will be posting more ways to rock this blazer in the coming weeks, but with how well this look turned out I had to give it its own post!!

If you don’t want to wait to see different ways to style this blazer you can read some style tips on thrEDIT!

Now if you have made it all the way to the end of this post I want to say Happy Thanksgiving and that I am thankful for you my reader! And as a little thank you I have an awesome promo code for the first 100 users for 50% off your entire thredUP order!!! (Goodbye Black Friday shopping you can start early now!) Use the code ‘TIFFANYMARIE’

P.S. If you don’t have an account with thredUP yet, use this link to create your account and get a free $10!

*This post was sponsored by thredUP, all opinions are my own!*

Photos by: Ricky Rodriguez