Bring on date night..

We actually had no idea what we were going to do for the night when arriving in Lawrenceville. As usual we made the most of the spontaneous night and just went with it! We were walking down the street or should I say borderline running, because we were so hungry and trying to decided where to eat. We noticed a very enticing oyster restaurant called Merchant Oyster Co. Little did we know it was the oyster place we had been passing every time we visited Lawrenceville, with its windows covered and decked out with ‘coming soon’ signs!

Side note: Alex and I have never had oysters before this date so this was a very spontaneous move on our part!

We did not realize upon walking in to the restaurant was that it was opening weekend! All tables were full with people anxiously awaiting their meal and we ended up at a long bar with chairs on both sides. I was nervous to see who would sit across from us(Alex not so much since he is always the most outgoing between the two of us haha), but I was happy to be eating my words when Ruby and Stew sat down. For all I know that may not even be their real names, that would be kind of fun wouldn’t it?! We had great conversation, making the seating situation the least of our worries. After finding out we had never tried oysters they gave us some awesome recommendations on what to order!

Verdict on oysters?!

Alex and I took their suggestions and went with two sweet and two ‘briny’ as they called it, this meant that two would be from a northern location and two from a southern location, all locations listed on a main menu(now if only I would have thought about looking/taking a photo..)! Very interesting to learn and after trying both we now see what the buzz is about! Seriously loved them, but with my love for seafood I was not surprised. The atmosphere of Merchant Oyster Co. was great, the decor is awesome and I did not feel the least bit intimidated by the fact that I knew nothing about oysters before walking in. Alex and I are both looking forward to going back!

Now onto dessert..

We had decided to visit the NatuRoll Creamery, which was a long time coming haha! I had learned about this creamery months ago and passed it many of times, but the line was usually down the block during the summer. Obviously a sign that it was really good, but let’s be honest I do not have that kind of patience especially in the heat! This is the only hand rolled Thai style ice creamery in the area and it was AMAZING! I was that girl taking videos while they made ours and made Alex get a photo of the finished creation as it began melting and dripped down my hand/the sides of the cup. Hey, it was something new to me and was really neat to watch… no shame. You may have gotten some indication by the name, but they have gluten free and dairy free options on their menu, which is nice to see for those that need it! The atmosphere was what you would expect for ice cream, but I loved the aspect of watching them roll it and being able to add a few toppings to the mix.

I was a little bummed out that they did not have the cotton candy extravaganza that I had been eyeing on social media. However, I completely understood after seeing the fall and Halloween options! So to keep it festive and also bring back some childhood nostalgia I went with the Graveyard Dirt. Anyone else remember having dirt as a regular sweet treat when you were young?!

The night is far from over!

To sell you on Lawrenceville even more I am going to tell you about a really neat pinball cafe! After all the food I had just consumed I needed a latte for a good pick me up at the Kickback Pinball Cafe. It is pretty self explanatory, but a great place to stop, grab a coffee or a drink since it is BYOB, and play a few games of pinball on machines that you may have forgotten existed!

I hate to say it but, after that we were driving home and realized it was only 9pm. So after feeling like we had completely lost touch of our age we decided the night did not need to end just yet! We stopped at the Strip District to have a drink to end the night at Luke Wholey’s, yes another seafood restaurant. We sat down at the bar with the intentions of only getting a drink and after a few minutes looked at each other and said, “I’m hungry again” haha! So we picked up a menu and ordered more seafood till our hearts and stomachs were content!

So where did a post like this come from?

Since starting my blog I knew I wanted to do posts on local things to do and see. Now that sounded great and all until I realized that meant lugging my camera around every where. Mainly because I hate my iPhone camera quality, maybe an excuse to get a new phone! Not to mention I usually feel pretty uncomfortable being that person that is taking pictures of their food.

*for all my fellow bloggers you know that means taking 100 photos of the same thing and making sure it is perfect*

After taking a poll on my Instagram and Twitter, it turns out that even those of you that aren’t local wanted to see some Pittsburgh posts! So this is my debut of the posts with a few rusty iPhone photos. This is like my trial run for these types of posts so bear with me and let me know what you thought!


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  1. AHHH! This made me miss Pittsburgh so much D: I actually have never tried any of the places despite passing by them all the time. Definitely making a note of it for my next trip back. It sounds like you and Alex had a wonderful night, especially because it ended at Wholey’s, one of my favorites too 😉

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