July Rocksbox Review

FINALLY the review on my July Rocksbox!

This was my first Rocksbox and I was not disappointed, but first let’s talk life. I have had some bumps in the road recently and now after sorting everything out and having to move out of my apartment it may take me a few weeks to be completely present and back into a routine on here. We all have our moments right? I never want to put up a post for you all to see when my mind is elsewhere or I’m just not in a good place, which is what has kept me away from here these past two weeks. So cheers to things looking up!!

Have you heard of Rocksbox before?! If so what was your experience? I was really impressed by my first box, from the perfect packaging, the customization, all the way to the reusable shipping bag to send back the items you don’t purchase(because let’s be real shipping can be expensive!)

So what did I get in my box…

All three of these pieces were on my wishlist so I was really excited to wear them! Now the only thing I did not take into account is how sensitive my ears are. Laugh if you must, but I have realized that I never wear earrings anymore so when I do they irritate my skin and drive me CRAZY! On the plus side you can select that you only get necklaces and bracelets, which is what I will be switching to for next months box.

My favorite from this box was the bar slider bracelet. I have tiny wrists and if you also have tiny wrists then you know where I am going with this.. nothing ever fits properly! I have to have links removed, hunt for the smallest size, or just pass on a cute bracelet all together. This Sophie Harper bracelet solves all of those problems!!

Last but not least..

The fortune cookie necklace was the cutest thing in my box for sure and definitely my style. This necklace was another Sophie Harper piece, which tells me I should probably put more Sophie Harper in my wishlist haha!

Now for the good news for everyone that hasn’t heard of Rocksbox or hasn’t started a subscription yet! Use the code ‘breakfastattiffanymariesxoxo‘ for a free month which will include items that you put on your wishlist and fit your preferences! After receiving the pieces you have the chance to buy them at a discounted price or send them back. I will go more into the process for my August box, but if you don’t want to wait use the code and let me know what you think!

*This post is sponsored by Rocksbox, but all opinions are my own xoxo*

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    1. Thank you!! You have the option to pick statement pieces or delicate pieces, and delicate is much more my style!

    1. Isn’t it?! Such a fun piece! And I am trying to wear that dress more haha keeps ending up in the back of my closet

    1. Thank you hun! I loved all of the pieces and cannot wait for the next box!

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