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Okay so before everyone starts thinking my hair has always been long and healthy, IT HAS NOT! haha I have seen some serious lows with my hair from straightening it every day, dyeing the underneath for years on end, or just putting it in a bun every day leaving it damaged. My hair was even better than it is now a few years ago with a little bit of red underneath, and on a whim I decided I wanted to do full out red ombre..long story short as the chair turned for me to see the final product I looked in the mirror and saw almost my whole head dyed red..I then had to have my natural sandy blonde hair bleached more than once in a few days time & bought a few products that take color out of your hair(by the horrid smell I should have known to stay far away haha) in desperation to get my hair back to normal.

So now we are here haha even now I am self conscious about my hair looking different shades of blonde from remnants of the bleach still growing out. BUT I have made strides with getting it back to being healthy and long.



I noticed washing my hair every day was completely ruining it, so I started using dry shampoo or truthfully just throwing a hat on some days if I could get away with it haha! Now when it comes to shampoos & conditioners I try not to use one for too long, I faithfully use OGX products and jump back and forth from the different ones with a few different damage repair conditioners thrown in there.

Here are a few of the OGX products that I have used to repair my damaged mane! Shop these products here! I linked Targets OGX products, there are 5 pages of different shampoos, conditioners, oils etc all at affordable prices.

P.s. I sometimes use Mane ‘n Tail (yes that is the shampoo/conditioner that was initially used for horses haha)It is a simple formula & I use it with the renewing oil spray when it looks like my hair is getting noticeably damaged again. I know the thought of that freaks some people out so don’t worry it is not an every day routine kind of thing! This can also be found at Walmart, Target etc.


I used to be that person that would straighten my hair every single day.. then one day I realized on days that I let it go it was a crazy mess and no longer the natural hair I had been used to from being so damaged. So my tip for you on this subject is GIVE YOUR HAIR A REST, I know it has become a routine for most of us, but you can break it I promise! & if you really cannot put the blow dryer or straightener down for a few days, start using a heat protectant or a moisturizer after you towel dry your hair(notice I said towel dry! Using a blowdryer in my opinion is a huge no if you’re trying to keep your hair nice and healthy, but we all have our routines), you will still see a difference just by using a protectant.


There are tons of supplements and vitamins out there to grow your hair or at least keep it healthy, however even though I do own a few I can admit I do not faithfully use them. Generally just because I’m horrible at remembering to take stuff. Now if you are someone that has wanted to try this & can be discipled enough to stick to it go pick up..

Biotin and/or Fish Oil Capsules

Biotin & Fish Oil will also help with your skin and nails which is a huge plus! If you are really not into the whole vitamin or fish oil thing, there are a few supplement versions that come in gummy bears or chews, however I do not have any reviews for you all on those products!


As you can see there is by no means some expensive product or a million different steps I take to keep my hair healthy & long, it is just being conscious about what you are using & knowing when to give your hair a break from the hair ties, straighteners, curling irons, and blowdryers. After my hair disaster I have only gotten my hair cut once a year..Which makes me think I must be doing something right to not have a full head of damaged split ends haha!

I felt completely scatter brained while writing this trying to remember my routine, so feel free to ask any questions or leave tips of your own below! xo

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  1. Your hair looks amazing. I love the products you featured and I suggest trying out Living proof dry shampoo. Girl! It will change your life. It smells good and works wonders. I’ve had a love and hate with other brands, but Living proof is a winner. It’s pricey, but worth saving for.

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