Giving credit, where it is due..

So who is behind all of the photos for us smaller social influencers? In my case and what seems to be a lot of cases it is our significant others. I juggled the idea of finding a photographer in the area to help me when I started this blogging adventure, however Alex stepped up without question. Now after almost a year of social media/blogging I would not change this, why you ask? Having your significant other behind the camera can be frustrating at times yes, because we all have our moments! But they are also the person who will most easily bring out your authentic self to share with your audience. Alex is also probably the only one who will not judge me when I quickly get changed in the Jeep for the next look, then ask him to please stand by the door as I get out just in case my skirt isn’t on right or my dress comes up!

Taking time away from our weekends to take pictures is not always something we are looking forward to, however I have a suggestion for all of you in this situation! When you are going out to take photos, make it a date. This past weekend Alex and I decided to go right into the city and explore each time we were shooting a look. This turned into us finding awesome photo opportunities, a great new restaurant, and lastly an AMAZING spot for dessert! Going through the pictures later on I realized that I had never smiled that much while out shooting before, and it was an awesome realization. I have more content to work with, we felt like we actually accomplished something other than the photos while out, and these moments make our relationship so much stronger!

Best strawberry milkshake EVER..

Here are some of my favorites..

P.S. If any Pittsburgh area photographers would like to collaborate, feel free to reach out! Alex does not know yet haha, but I have been thinking about being able to get some photos with him. He is the one behind the camera 24/7 that I realized we barely get any good photos together anymore & he deserves to be in front of the camera with me!

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    1. Thank you so much! The support and teamwork makes this journey all the more rewarding and enjoyable!!

  1. I LOVED this post! In fact, I was thinking about this all week. For my birthday last weekend, mine got me a brand new camera & it got me to thinking that I prefer shooting with him over any other photographer (he isn’t one either lol he just shoots my pics). He knows the style, aesthetic, vibe I’m going for and he just knows ME. I find blogs that are photographed by someone in their life vs professional makes them much more approachable & fun! PS – those pink kicks are seriously SO cute! x Shannon ||

    1. Exactly!! When I started this my boyfriend did the same, he took it upon himself to make sure I got a camera and he started learning how I liked my photos to look and what to really focus in on! It’s amazing to have someone you love helping with all of this and you are so right, makes it more approachable and fun! have a great week love

  2. This is so cute! MY boyfriend is the one who wants to take the pictures (he dragged me around Newport on our last vacation making me pose!!!) and I feel so silly sometimes doing it! But our guys seem like great sports 😉 hehe

  3. What an amazing testament to your relationship! Your bf does a great job! My fiance used to take my pics but recently I found linking up with another blogger has made all the difference! Keep up the great work!

    Julie |

  4. He is a great photographer. All of the photos are so beautiful!
    It sounds really fun that you can have a date and photo shoot at the same time.
    XO, Joling

  5. I wish I was in pittsburgh and I totally love to collab.

    I’ve always wanted a photographer boyfriend. That’s amazing you have such a supportive guy. 🙂


  6. He has some major skills girl!! I totally know how you feel.
    My boyfriend or sister take most of my photos haha 🙂 They love us, don’t they!

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