We are officially in that time of year where it is either too hot or not hot enough for certain styles..

So I partnered with Forest Noire to show you all some current styles and how they would be perfect for the sometimes indecisive weather this time of year. Not to mention that summer happens to be that month that I spoil myself with new clothes.. anyone else like this?! I feel like it gives me a confidence boost while all of the summer body, is the sweat on my face visible, I don’t want to leave the house thoughts roll through my head!

Forest Noire? Shots in the forest?

It was a no brainer! (I’m cheesy sometimes, I know! haha) This Heartless Top was my first choice & is perfect for summer! The red ended up matching one of my lace bralettes perfectly, which was a win. The material is not too heavy so it can be worn on a hot day or for a night out. I’m sure you will see a picture of this top on my Instagram paired with a skirt and heels soon!!

If you did not already know this, I am a SUCKER for velvet!

I don’t know what it is, but I have a few more velvet pieces in my closet than I would like to admit. Forest Noire has a huuuge selection when it comes to velvet dresses, but this simple crushed velvet dress caught my eye right away. I threw on this dress and decided it looked pretty cute with the pink tennis shoes, I have been on a casual chic kick lately!! Added the sunglasses and I was out the door!

Last, but certainly not least..

this No Worries Top and my new favorite go to for summer nights around the fire! I love having a light weight hoodie for summer, not to mention the semi cropped length and bell sleeves, oh my!!!

I loved picking out some new pieces from Forest Noire & hope you all go check out their new arrivals! They are always adding new items and have a huge range of styles for summer! They are not based in the US so remember that patience is a virtue when ordering, you will not be disappointed when the packages arrive.

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