This weekend will be our first taste of fall temperatures, so that means a fall to do list!

Now I should warn you this will not be your normal list of throwing leaves or going to pumpkin patches haha! I have been alluding to the fact that there has been lots of changes going on in my life so I will finally let the cat out of the bag with my list! So enjoy my version of a fall to do list and a taste of some fall fashion that I am itching to wear.


  • Find another part time job – No I am not crazy haha, I just recently made the decision to take a leave of absence from college and would like to get my financial situation under wraps before finishing. I sometimes feel so busy with my current part time management position, but in all reality without classes I have TONS of free time.
  • Pick up an online class or two – The biggest reaction I have gotten from this leave is ‘Are you really going to go back?’ My answer is YES of course! I am less than 40 credits away from a degree, but my heart just hasn’t been in it. I have been miserable and stretching myself thin for a degree that I no longer plan on going into so I needed to take a step back for a little and decide what is next before wasting more time.
  • Go through more of my belongings – Everyone talks about spring cleaning, but for me it will be fall cleaning haha! I downsized tremendously when moving in with Alex, but I know I still have too much so it is time to start going through it all again. I donated a lot of things and gave away a lot of my clothes to people that needed it more than myself the first time around, so I would like to do that again.
  • Find more local coffee shops – Alex and I always find ourselves at Starbucks.. as you can see from the drink in my hand in these photos haha! But I always have that thought of ‘wow, we should really be supporting local and going somewhere else for a good cup of coffee’ If you live in the Pittsburgh area and have some go-to’s let me know!



  • Make time for more creativity – This one may sound funny since I am sitting here writing for my own blog, but as an ex art student I can’t help but think how much I have lost my sense of creativity. I would love to get more creative with my photos/blog or even pull out some paint again for a good stress relief.
  • Visit Angora Gardens – Ok, this one may sound kind of funny as well, but seriously who wouldn’t want to visit a bunny garden?! Alex has been mentioning this to me for some time now and I am going to make it a point that we visit ASAP!
  • Be more thankful – I will end my list with this one, because I think this is something we all could put on our to do list. Changing up my life plans means looking to my friends and family for acceptance or reassurance and they have given me just that. It is easy to forget that we need to say thank you or show more love on a daily basis.


Pictured: Filipa Knitted Sweater from Tobi! How cute are those sleeves?!

*Sponsored by Tobi, all opinions are my own*



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  1. What a wonderful list! I will be doing some fall cleaning too! I am learning to accept and love my body so there is no reason to hang on to tons of stuff from before having a baby lol plus my Christmas present is a shopping spree so I will be building a better wardrobe!

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