To me fashion is a form of art and expression…

Whether you believe that or not, I am not here to sell you on it. However, I am here to tell you how I feel about it. First off, I would be lying if I said I dressed in the fun outfits I post on my blog every day. Truth is sometimes I get self conscious or don’t feel as comfortable in an outfit as I did when I planned it in my head or even tried it on the night before.

Nine times out of ten the reason I feel self conscious is because I feel like it is too out of the box OR that I will be far too dressed up.

I need someone to set me straight at times like that!

So where the heck am I going with this?! New York! Going to Fashion Week I felt like I could pull out all of the randomly fun and over dressed outfit ideas I’ve had over the last few months and run with them. I got to express my love for fashion more than I usually do when I am headed to work or running errands on a normal day. That honestly gives me the same thrills as finishing a painting or capturing the perfect photo. Fashion Week was my chance to experiment/be more expressive and I am going to share with you all the one outfit that was most out of the box for me!

Right now you may be looking at these photos thinking to yourself that this isn’t even an outlandish outfit! Round of applause for you if that is the case haha!

My security blanket with fashion is no doubt keeping to all black or neutrals…

When I have an outfit I love, but don’t feel like I should wear it out I often times relate it to when I would be working on my art. No matter what medium, I would spend so much time thinking about it or fixing it that I got to the point of hating it and just took the safe route. With that said this almost all purple ensemble with a very ‘look at me’ purple faux fur vest was not my safe route. Lisa and Marla from Style Encore North Hills helped TREMENDOUSLY when it came to this issue. They picked out things they thought would be a great fit for me at Fashion Week, no safe bet outfits allowed. Sometimes we all just need a little push to step outside of the box we (most times) make for ourselves!

After wearing this outfit in New York and feeling amazing in it, you can bet that I will be on the lookout for a cute colored vest for the winter… while we are at it maybe even some more purple dresses/shirts and hopefully ditch my over critical outlook on a colorful wardrobe, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves haha!


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