I like to keep it simple..

You will not find me with some elaborate up do hair style on campus or really ever, because that is just not my style. Up until about a year ago I still did not even grasp how to curl my own hair, I just didn’t have time to be bothered with tutorials or the endless burns on my hands from quickly trying to follow along haha! It wasn’t until another blogger had mentioned using their straightener to do loose curls that I finally caved and gave it a try.

Now here we are one year into knowing how to curl my hair with a straightener and it has become my daily routine. Now I should mention when I say curl I mean loose little curls on the ends or sometimes even just a nice wave on the ends, which is what I will be showing in this post! HerStyler sent me their Sensu straightener which has larger plates than the one I already own. I am telling you this, because the 1.5″ plates are perfect for a nice little wave also known as waves that you can pass as all natural!! They also sent their Aragon Oil Hair Serum for protection or to help with split ends.. can you say life saver?

The best feature on the Sensu Straightener is that I get to pick what level of heat I want to use unlike most other straighteners. This is a huge factor when you want to think about keeping your hair healthy and all the damage that can come from high levels of heat!

Ok, enough rambling! Here is a little behind the scenes look into how I do my hair for school..

Rewind a little..

After my shower I like to put my makeup on leaving time for my hair to air dry before I have to bring out the dreaded blow dryer. Then I always start by straightening majority of my hair, keeping the ends for last. I have naturally wavy/frizzy hair so I promise I am not crazy for straightening it before I add some curls/pretty waves unlike my natural mess haha!

I learned to treat my straightener like a curling iron and wrap my hair around it tilting it downward and viola a cute effortless curl is made!

I do not strategically place my curls anywhere I honestly like to keep them uneven to give it more of an effortless look. When doing this hairstyle for school I generally do not put hair spray in it either, now if you have very thin hair or it is stick straight some extra hold may be a good idea! Then I tend to run my fingers through all of them if I really want to make it look like I just walked out of the house without spending the last hour on my hair haha!

Sophie wanted to join in on the photos!

Anyway, as you can see my hair is not perfect, but I like having the effortless wave look while only using my straightener before classes! Let’s be honest sometimes we are running behind and barely have time to make our coffee, so I like to keep it as simple as I can. Bonus, this is the kind of style that is perfect for some dry shampoo the next day if you haven’t put a ton of product in it already!


*This post is sponsored by HerStyler, all opinions are my own*