What is your go to New Year’s Eve look?

I have realized that over the years my looks have changed drastically. Two years ago I was in the Dominican wearing a sleeveless dress and strappy heels, last year we went out for dinner where I wore a sparkly red dress and came home to immediately put my pajamas on and cuddle with the puppies haha! So I completely understand that not everyone is into the jumpsuits and sequins, but if you’re ever looking for a time to be daring NEW YEAR’S IS THAT TIME!

So this post is for every style taste there is (well as many as I could put together while staying true to my style!!) I’m going to start with very casual, however notice with every casual look I put together I try to add something out of the box. Out of the box means something different for everyone which is half the beauty and fun of fashion, but for me it is generally anything that will grab someones attention. I have been learning to love my style and confidence more in 2017 so cheers to what fun eye catching styles are to come!

First up… fur!

Never in a million years did I expect to be wearing a sweater with fur running down both arms, but let me tell you I FELL IN LOVE! The sweater caught my eye in H&M back in the beginning of November when I was in New York, but it was a little pricier than I wanted to spend since I wasn’t 100 percent sold yet. Well, when Black Friday rolled around and I could get the sweater for under $40 you bet I was all over that haha! I have gotten so many compliments on this sweater, but I’ve definitely had my share of stares from people that have obviously never seen a fashionable sweater before haha!!

Shop this look! *affiliate links*

Next up… the classic little black dress!

Let’s not kid ourselves here, you can’t go wrong with a little black dress or any black dress really! This is my absolute go to when I have to dress up a bit, and the dress I’m about to show you I snagged at H&M for $8! This has been in my closet for quite some time and I just haven’t had the right time to wear it yet, so of course NYE is the time! I couldn’t find this exact dress to link so below I linked a few fun little black dresses $25 and under.

shop little black dress options $25 and under! *affiliate links*

Drum roll please! The final outfit idea for New Year’s Eve is a show stopper for sure!

Red is my color when I want to stand out and be a bit more confident I guess you could say, lets just go with the idea that it is my power color?! This Gorgeous Halston Heritage dress and Joseph Ribkoff faux fur jacket are from One Brilliant Boutique that I ave mentioned before located in Aspinwall. Now for all my out of the area readers they have a website that I have linked to and will link to again here!

Remember when I said New Year’s Eve is the time to be daring?

THIS is the perfect look to do just that! The funny terms people my age come up with don’t really find their way into my vocabulary, however after putting this outfit on I was feeling very ‘extra’ and making it known haha! The wonderful Maggi Briggs took these photos at the December Pittsburgh Blogger Babes meet up and definitely captured my vision for this look!

 Below I will be linking this exact outfit as well as the best jaw dropping red dresses and the most extra faux fur coats to make you feel on top of the world no matter where you are going! *Affiliate links*

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