What would the holidays be without an edgy look?!

Ok, I’m sure everyone would survive if there weren’t outfits like I’m about to show you, but let me be dramatic for a minute haha! I say an edgy look, but what I’m really talking about is my original all me kind of style. I love a good dark outfit, with some fun pieces that you wouldn’t normally see together. Basically stepping outside of the box is my jam when it comes to fashion!

First, let’s talk dark colors…

Everyone has their color that they feel THE MOST comfortable in. So what is mine? Black! And then from there it is any dark color really, deep blue, hunter green, gray… the list goes on! I know I’ve talked about this before, but with my complexion there are a lot of colors that completely wash me out or straight up make me look like a barbie/10 year old. So I’ve found comfort in the darker colors that make my hair and eyes stand out or are just plain easy to style. The whole point of fashion and style is to feel more confident while also finding comfort in what you’re wearing right?! Whether that means stepping outside of the box or keeping to your safety net, that is all up to you!

I partnered with Fab’rik + ASHER COLLECTION to bring you this look!

Now before I start showing off this outfit I want to talk a bit about the Asher Collection. With each Asher Collection piece there is a baby in Africa matched to it. Proceeds from this collection then go to providing for these abandoned children until they find a family. HOW AMAZING?! If you visit shopasher.com you can read more about it and actually see the babies that the collection is helping/read more about them. If you love the Joseph Jacket I am styling in this post, know that you are helping provide for Joseph a 2 year old boy at Project 82 Kenya.

Are you a fan of fringe?

I couldn’t help myself when I saw this jacket, because I am such a sucker for fringe pieces! It looks so fun, but also a bit more dressed up with this sequin tank underneath. The beauty of this outfit is that you could easily use this for some New Year’s Eve inspiration, but don’t you worry I will be doing a whole post on that as well haha!

Happy Holidays XOXO!


*This post was sponsored by Fab’rik + ASHER COLLECTION all opinions are my own*





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