Well, the new blog is up and running! I will be doing a whole post on the process and what made my decision to take the leap of faith, but for now I want to bring you a usual post. I have previously posted about my hair and what I have done to get it so healthy & long, so it is only fitting for me to try out some new products to share with you all! I had the chance to share this sponsored post on Hask Moisture Shampoo, Conditioner & the Moisture Rich Deep Conditioner in Orchid & White Truffle!

 I am someone who believes you should switch up your hair products every now and again, so it was a nice change. This is my honest review on the products so where should I begin.. The scent is amazing, I mean how could it not be? The orchid extract was sourced from Belgium & the white truffle from the South of France. Look out my hair is getting fancy haha! These products were formulated to help all hair types & I can see that my hair has been FAR from dry and damaged. Bonus all of the products are free of sulfate and parabens!! Buy these products here!

I receive a lot of questions about my hair and the things I do/the products I use to keep it so long and healthy, so I look forward to trying more products and giving you all my review on them. As some of you may know from asking or reading my hair goals post, I RARELY cut my hair(I know insert a *gasp* here haha)but I must be doing something right! And I’m pretty sure that ‘something’ is the products I use!

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  1. White truffles? Gotta check it out! and yes, you are doing something right. your hair looks gorgeous.

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