Thanksgiving brings a lot of talk about being thankful

Yes, I am going to be another one of those people, but if you are reading this right now know I am more than just thankful right around the holidays or when good things happen. I am always thankful.

I’m sure many have seen my week of deeper about me on Instagram(that I failed to share on any other platform)and from that you probably learned a lot that I have not shared with most. Either you felt like you knew me better or maybe even that you questioned me more! The reason I am bringing this topic up again is to talk about my future with this blog. Never in a million years did I see myself in a position where I would be sharing my life with others. I also never in a million years thought I’d have the power or voice to reach others with my story and how I grew up to help others that may be going through/have gone through the same or may just be struggling.

So where am I going with this?!

What I am trying to get to is the future for Breakfast at Tiffany Marie’s! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, the fashion posts are not going ANYWHERE if that’s what you were thinking! But I hope to bring a more compelling story to this blog, my story. So rather than talking all sales, fashion, the seasons, blah blah blah.. I want to talk about real topics people may need help with while also showing off my style, because that is where I got my confidence(and the very thing that holds me together on a bad day)

This means posts on feeling confident in certain trends, budget friendly items because I get it if you want to be stylish while living paycheck to paycheck, real life issues(like what it is like living alone or adjusting to moving in with your significant other.. yes those may or may not be in the works right now haha!)all the way to possibly opening up more about how I grew up.

What does this all have to do with being thankful?

Everything you just read and all of the ideas I have laid out would not be possible without any of you, my followers, my readers/subscribers, and of course my very supportive friends and family.

Cheers to the future of Breakfast at Tiffany Marie’s and to all of you for the support!