All or nothing..

This topic is most definitely coming from a cute tank top I picked up a few weeks ago with the embroidered phrase ‘all or nothing’ in red. I picked it up and went oh my goodness YES I need this. Then I sat back and realized that I have battled this A LOT, I am a procrastinator and also very bad at following through with certain plans so I feel sometimes I am not giving people, school, and so on my all. This is one of those topics where if you also sometimes half ass something or do not put your whole heart into things on a bad day you may feel guilt later on. Let me tell you I am getting to that age of feeling guilt haha!

I’m going to share the look I put together with this top, because I adore it and also to give everyone a little pep talk! (We all need one of those every now and again, right?) If you feel like you aren’t giving your all some days, sit down, grab your laptop or journal and write down your plans. Write down things you have slacked on, mine being blogging during this move and really keeping my head straight with school the last few years. We all make mistakes, we are human and it is ok, but I am here to remind you not to let it become a habit! If we treat everything we do with an all or nothing mentality, I feel our lives would flourish in ways we did not see ourselves capable of and reach new highs. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Now enjoy my new favorite look..

Don’t let your goals be something you just write down, make them happen and give it everything you have while doing it! xo